Jennifer Marc
Rachel Brandon


Marc Black, co-owner and certified technician of Arthur Black Chimney & Dryer Exhaust, grew up in the hospitality industry and continued the tradition professionally for 25 years. From small cafes, fine dining, B&Bs, sushi and institutional food service Marc brings not only a wide experience of systems and people, but a strict adherence to the order and efficiency of service. Perhaps that love of the fire in the kitchen to the fire in the hearth is also an inspiration.  His other professional passion, when it was time to take a breather from the life of kitchens, has been canvassing for voter registration, environmental and consumer protection causes. It was in one of these reprieves in the canvass office that he met a professional certified chimney sweep…

Marc was thoroughly trained by two career chimney sweeps, one of which was a founding member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild.  Now in his seventh season of service, Marc is certified both in Chimney Cleaning and Dryer Vent service through the Chimney Safety Institute of America. He is knowledgeable in the unique and diverse home wood burning experiences of New Mexico.

Marc has a passion for service, for people and for solving the problem.


Jennifer Kilbourn, co-owner and office manager, has close to twenty years of experience working with non-profit fundraising, administration and management. She began as a canvasser in Denver for environmental, consumer protection, literary arts and social justice organizations. A resident of Santa Fe since 1999, she has served on the administrative and fundraising staff of economic development, higher education, environmental conservation and cultural affairs non-profit organizations. During this time, she also served as a board member, development chair and president of a long-established health and human services organization.

In 2011, Jennifer opened JMK Solutions with an emphasis on grant writing, prospect research, special event management as well as customized administrative systems to track and elevate overall fundraising efficiencies and success. Jennifer has worked with clients in animal welfare, health and human services, secondary education, performing arts and cultural affairs and youth development sectors to achieve mutually determined goals.

Jennifer has a passion for customer service, making systems run smoothly, and completed task lists.



Rachel, a life long resident of Northern New Mexico, grew up using wood burning appliances at high altitude.  She has extensive professional experience in youth and adult education as well as in the construction and service trades. She is CSIA certified in both Chimneys and Dryers and has been with ABC&DE since 2019.



Brandon, born and raised in New Mexico, is a woodworker who brings his professional experience in education, medicine, and trauma care. He is CSIA certified in both Chimneys and Dryers and has been with ABC&DE since 2022.